Rules For Better Sex Life

Some Rules For Better Sex Life

Some rules have been made for a healthy sex life, knowing about which does not cause any kind of problem in sex life. These rules are necessary for everyone, whether you are having sex for the first time or have done it many times. It is necessary to follow these sex rules for the best sex life.

It is not that there is no need to know anything else after knowing them, but these rules help in maintaining love in the relationship with the safety of sex. Knowing these rules is essential for a great relationship. In the absence of knowledge of these rules, many people end their sex life and those who follow these rules are successful in maintaining sweetness in their relationship.

1. Don’t Overcome – Do not impose your authority on your partner and do not cross your limits regarding sex. Treat your partner as your companion and not a slave. Tearing of clothes, biting of teeth or forceful sex is considered in the category of marital rape.

2. Don’t Compromise on Safety – Sex should not be done keeping safety in view. If contraceptive items are not available with you at the time of sex, then do not have sex on that day. Satisfy yourself by just playing for. If you want to stay away from sex related problems then it is necessary to follow the safety rules.

3. Partner is not a porn star – It is not possible for everyone to actually do what is shown in porn movies, so do not think of your partner as a porn star. Let porn movies be in mobile and not try to bring them in real life.

4. Participation Required – The participation of two people is necessary for sex activity and this action is completed only when there is full participation of both. By understanding this, orgasm can be enjoyed and your partner can also enjoy it. Men are unable to enjoy an orgasm for 70 percent of women. For an effective sex life, take care not to force your partner to have sex against their will.

How To Improve Sex Life

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