How Often Couples Should Have Sex

Sex is a special moment in life, about which many questions arise in everyone’s mind. There are many complex questions related to this which it is not possible to answer accurately. In the minds of many women and men, the question arises about sex, how often should sex be done.

No number of times of having sex can be said to be normal and there can be no fixed number of it. Every person’s physical desires and abilities are different. It depends on the desires of the partner as well as many other factors. How often to have sex depends on your mutual coordination in which your goal should be the happiness of your partner. Both get equal pleasure from the act of sex. It is the happiness or ultimate bliss that two people feel together.

People also have a belief that having more sex leads to weakness, but this is also a misconception. There is no weakness in having sex. Some people also believe that sex should be done only to have children and at other times to have sex only occasionally. These are also misconceptions that have nothing to do with physical health. Apart from reproduction, sex also provides a feeling of intimacy and pleasure.

Sex is an integral part of human life and also the reason for happiness. Because sex reduces both stress and depression. That’s why we can’t ignore it even if we want to. Whether it is a woman or a man while having sex, the feelings of both are at their peak and emotional benefits are obtained, which removes stress.

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